Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My work from this semester at SVA in NYC

Sketch I did at the Natural History Museum near Central Park, I liked the baby elephant

Homework Assignment about fear, ku kulx klan hood. Tattered edges that look like a halloween carved pumpkin's smile.

Supposed to be symbolic of sleep, I don't like the orange so I am going to fix it.
Just a homework assignment, had to create a reproduction of a montage piece we put together, Can you tell which is the original????

Darth Vader's lesser known cousin?

pew pew

Clinton wasn't the first y'all

Adobe Illustrator- from Night of the Living Dead originally

Photoshop, I don't really like computers but it's fun to be goofy sometimes.

Audrey Hepburn with an even higher beehive.

Why do the girls always look bitchy! -Oil

Yummy, we got to eat it after painting it, -Oil

It's hanging in my bathroom lol

This guy was smoking hot and I think he had a crush on me ;)

Just a photo I took from Jersey City that I love love love of downtown Manhattan. It's so quiet on that side of the Hudson too, it was very peaceful.

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