Monday, March 9, 2009

Mostly Work from 2008 classes at AACC

One of my first oil paintings, I like the rustic feel
Doesn't look that much like him but it's not horrible.

A study of legs -china marker

My attempt at a Piet Mondrian

Analogous Color Scheme- acrylic

We covered the entire sheet with compressed charcoal (I think) and then started erasing, bringing out the skull from the black.

Final Project for Life Drawing, my friend Aimee, posed as a high class woman face to face with her pothead counterpart. Doppleganger?

Just something I did on my family vacation while bored, put the loch ness monster in because my little cousins Conner and Reagan wanted me to.

I love this one, reminds me of gladiator only more fanciful, I didn't do a great job with the color though (watercolor pencils) but I never am that great with color.

Monet attempt

Final Project for Drawing 2 (click to enlarge). Featured the same landscape and put different styles of architecture in each one, I linked them up so they can be one continuous panorama but it is easier to photograph this way. Styles are: Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Asian, Turkish, Medieval, Gothic, Baroque, Industrial, Contemporary, Possible Apocolyptic Future cityscape, Nature Reclaims, Future Life on Earth?

This was my favorite piece from drawing, it's another one that deserves to be enlarged. It is a kind of diptych, with the lower half portraying the ocean floor and Poseidon intervening on the sailors behalf, warding off sea creatures and sirens that call to the ship from jagged sea rocks. The upper half features the ocean as if held up by pillars containing the ship itself, and again the perilous rocks.

This model had suffered from breast cancer and I was kinda glad she put her dress back on for the final pose, hope that doesn't offend anyone.

Self portrait -drawing myself blah

Showbiz girl, exact copy from another painting, this is old. It was my first real painting ever though, done in my high school years - acrylic

Acrylic monotone. Color Theory class

Colored Pencils- Drawing class.

Model Reading outside - I got so sunburnt!

Same model sitting at a desk, I really didn't like drawing this girl and it seemed like evryone used her for everything.

Where's Waldo-esque Roman Scene. Interesting note, some of my friends are in the crowd, including me! Another one that should be enlarged so click away to catch the detail. I don't do as much detail in my current work, which makes me a little sad.

Probably my favorite architectural landscape ever, not for any class, just started doing it one day in the summer of 07.

Tower City, something I did from my head on my family vacation to Delaware in 07.

Another High School piece, though I went back and painted the background last summer, the rest is in prisma colore pencil, which took forever.

I did the skeleton in class as an assignment but liked it so much that I went home and added in the background, now it looks like the cover to some mystery novel.

I call this one Frustration with Braces and did it a month after I had mine put on.

White conte and ink, I like the dialogue between the female and the baby.

This was for a competition to design a book jacket for The Great Gatsby, I got second place.

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